About us

Our company

Regime coaching is the first online platform of slimness by eating healthy,vegan, dietetic and organic.

This is also a place of advice for sporty people before, during and after doing sport.

We created our company 3 years ago around a conceptstore at 26 rue vignon in Paris.

CC, the founder propose a personalized coaching to anyone who wants to :

  • Find a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Slim down and reach the right weight.
  • Lean and strenght muscle mass, recovery,preparation for a sportychallenge.

Our shop

Devanture boutique Régime Coaching

Located in Paris at 26 rue vignon, in the 9th district, our regime coaching shop will seduce you thanks to the wide selection of products and the team at your disposal.

Customer testimonials

"« directly welcomed and advised, you find easily the products you want in the shop»


«A friendly staff, I love the diet bar concept, I can finally take my breakfast outside withserenity»